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Watch the Throne: The Greatest QB Matchup in Super Bowl History?

It's mutually agreed that the man under center has the most critical position on the field for both the diehard and casual football fans. Quarterbacks are celebrated amongst fans and seem to draw the most attention during Super Bowl week, let alone the entirety of a season.

The grandest stage in sports has seen countless iconic showdowns throughout its storied history. However, this year's Super Bowl might have more anticipation than the 54 played prior to.

While the big game has seen matchups, including the likes of Joe Montana vs. Dan Marino, John Elway vs. Brett Favre, Drew Brees vs. Peyton Manning, and countless more, Super Bowl 55, when said and done, might be the greatest matchup of quarterbacks we've ever seen. Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback in NFL history, will play in his 10th Super Bowl at 43. His counterpart is perhaps the best quarterback in the league right now, 25-year-old Patrick Mahomes, who has the potential to achieve a Tom Brady-like-career.

With a win on Sunday, Brady will have collected his 7th Lombardi trophy, giving him more championships than any NFL franchise and one more title than the original GOAT, Michael Jordan earned in his career. A win must cement Brady as the all-time greatest in the sport, and for those who disagree, we question their credentials.

While going up against Brady might be a daunting task, it's Patrick Mahomes if anybody is armed for this battle. A win for Mahomes and the Chiefs would be the first back-to-back title team since Brady's Patriots did so in 2003 and 2004. It would be championship number two for the former MVP, placing Mahomes on an excellent trajectory to that Brady-esque career.

Regardless of the outcome on Sunday, football fans around the world will cherish this matchup, as what we're watching is, perhaps, history. As Brady's career winds down (we think), Mahomes is just getting started. To many, Super Bowl 55 represents a change in guard, a passing of the torch, and most importantly, an opportunity for Mahomes to "watch the throne". Whether he wins or loses, this matchup signifies a transition into the new era of football, a game that Brady has dominated for the past two decades.

The outcome, we don't know. What we do know is that Super Bowl 55 stands for much more than just the big game.

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