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Next-Gen Solutions for Athletes & Artists

Fox Ellis provides the tools effectively manage and monetize your digital identity

Branding & E-Commerce

Digital Identity Monetization

Sponsorship & Events


Evaluate Your Assets.
Protect Your Data.
Monetize Your NIL.

Composed of forward thinkers, we work hard to help our portfolio of athletes, musicians, and influencers tap into their brand potential. From top talent to the amateurs, we assist iconic personalities looking to grow, protect, and monetize their name, image, and likeness in today's digital atmosphere.



What We Offer

Digital Branding & E-Commerce

Our experienced roster of in-house marketing and creative professionals have been hand selected to help you take your brand to the next level.

Digital Identity Monetization

We have created a paradigm shift in the way individuals manage and monetize their digital assets. Take control and capitalize on your existing data.

Risk Assessment Consulting

Our international network of best-in-class legal, financial, and technology professionals work to prepare and capitalize on the future digital economy.

Digital Asset Evaluation

A comprehensive assessment of your digital rights and data, including your name, image and likeness can unlock the current and future earning potential of your brand.


       IN THE NEWS       

George Gervin partners with IPrivata and the HBAR Foundation to launch the I OWN ME™ campaign, to protect athletes’ data and digital rights

I OWN ME campaign will raise awareness of the growing value and risks to an athlete’s digital identity and data, and educate athletes on how to assert legal title and rights to their digital assets using IPrivata’s patented solution.





NIL Partnership Program

Sponsorship Prospecting

Fox Ellis Team Gear Discount

Social Media Promotion


Branding Development

Custom Merchandise Platform

Data Protection & Monetization

Dedicated Account Manager


Custom Website

Event Management

NFT Programs

Charitable Venture Creation

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