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NHL Rookie Launches Foundation to Empower the Next Generation of Athletes

Ben Jones of the Las Vegas Golden Knights Organization launches the Ben Jones Foundation to help relieve the financial burden of kids' sports.

We're proud to announce that Ben Jones of the Las Vegas Golden Knights Organization, will be launching the Ben Jones Foundation ( to benefit youth athletes and his mission to provide grants to help cover the financial cost of sport and ensure that no kid is ever left on the sidelines.

"As a professional athlete, hockey has always been a huge part of my life, and I'm very aware of the time and financial commitment required to pursue sports at any level. My foundation aims to assist with overcoming some of those challenges,” said Ben Jones when asked about why he started the foundation.

Jones partnered with Fox Ellis Sports to build an eCommerce platform that will directly benefit children from all backgrounds and allow them to further connect with the sports they love while helping their families avoid some of the financial burdens associated with participating. As Jones works with local charitable organizations, he's equally committed to working with partners, such as Fox Ellis to grow the game.

"It's always a pleasure working with athletes like Ben who are committed to finding unique ways to leverage his professional platform while helping others embrace the idea that major league athletes should take an active role in helping the next generation," said Michael Browning, Managing Director at Fox Ellis Sports.

You can help support the cause at:

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