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George Gervin Partners With IPrivata and the HBAR Foundation to Launch the I OWN ME™ Campaign

I OWN ME campaign will raise awareness of the growing value of an athlete's digital identity and data and educate athletes on how to assert legal title and rights to their digital assets using IPrivata's patented solution.

Known as the "Iceman" and for his signature finger roll, George Gervin won four NBA scoring titles (third all-time) and was recently recognized on the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team. As he launches a new apparel line, book, and upcoming documentary, he is proud to partner with IPrivata and the HBAR Foundation to record, authenticate and enforce his legal title and rights to his data and digital assets.

IPrivata's patented platform gives individuals legal title and rights to their data. When individuals assert "I Own Me" in a Declaration CertificateTM and a Community of TrustTM it links the rights embedded in the patent to the individual's data. This establishes a root proof of authenticity and transforms the enforcement framework for data from privacy to well-established legal frameworks leveraging property rights, IP, and contract law.

In the new era of NIL, IPrivata and its I OWN ME campaign provides the only way for athletes to protect and monetize their personal brands and content. The HBAR Foundation and the distributed ledger technology developer, Acoer, are working closely with IPrivata to integrate the Declaration Certificate within the Hedera ecosystem, providing legal title to an individual's digital identity on the world's greenest, most-used distributed ledger.

"I'm proud to partner with IPrivata and claim, 'I Own Me' to raise awareness and educate the next generation of athletes in their professional pursuits," George Gervin commented. "I worked hard throughout my career to win games and make a name for myself. Since I left the NBA, I've devoted my time to educating the youth and giving back to the community. With social media and all the new opportunities and challenges young athletes face today with NIL, it's important people know IPrivata is here to help."

"George is a basketball icon and an original 'influencer' in his community," said Scott Yeager, Chief Strategy Officer of IPrivata. "He's made an impact with athletes and youth through his charter schools and charity work. George is a leader, and declaring, 'I Own Me' will spread the word that young athletes shouldn't just give their name and content away to the internet. It's important for athletes to protect their personal data and NIL."

"Two of the biggest challenges with data ownership are the uncertainty around data rights and the lack of a proactive enforcement framework," said Shayne Higdon, CEO of the HBAR Foundation. "IOWN.ME, built on the Hedera platform provides an effective and repeatable mechanism for monitoring data rights."

George Gervin and the I Own Me campaign is a collaboration between Reprivata, IPrivata, Fox Ellis Sports (Twitter/Instagram: @foxellisagency) and Unique Sports Management (Twitter/Instagram: @uniquesportsmgmt).

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