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Fox Ellis Sports Partners With ELIAS Partnership to Commercialize Athletes' Data Rights

The collaboration will protect, monetize, and enforce athletes' data rights in the future, using best-in-class marketing, legal, and technology solutions

Fox Ellis Sports, a full-service talent, marketing and blockchain agency, today announced that it has partnered with ELIAS Partnership, a leading data rights and cyber advisory firm based in the UK. This new transatlantic partnership will focus on empowering athletes by capitalizing on the shifting global landscape of sports, media, and data.

"Our initial objectives will be to provide high impact marketing services, create awareness around athlete data rights, educate our athlete and agency partners, and provide legal and regulatory expertise in the expanding digital economy," commented Mike Browning, Managing Director of Fox Ellis Sports.

Using their proprietary Data Rights Playbook, Fox Ellis and ELIAS will be announcing several initiatives over the coming months involving Ice Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Mixed Martial Arts. Fox Ellis has built a strong footprint in North and South America, while ELIAS has spent the past five years establishing itself as a leader in data protection, privacy, and cyber advisory services in the UK. Both companies will expand their respective services to the global athlete community in 2022, offering a suite of turn-key solutions leveraging blockchain technology.

"This decade, professional athletes will be in the vanguard as personal data becomes one of the most valuable asset classes in the world," said Richard Dutton, Managing Director at ELIAS. "Lawtech, a blend of legal expertise and technology, will allow our collaboration with Fox Ellis Sports to support individual athletes in retaining ownership of their personal data and create fresh commercial opportunities. The NFT gold rush of 2021 highlighted blockchain technology's ability to create new digital assets, monetize personal brands and digital identities including Name, Image, Likeness."

Fox Ellis-ELIAS's Playbook will provide its athlete and agency partners the cyber protection and expert legal guidance it needs to navigate the "wild west" of current and future data rights.

To lead their effort in the U.S., ELIAS has appointed former NFL player-agent, sports attorney and data privacy rights expert, Michael Clohisy, to its Advisory Board.

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