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Behind the Brand: Grant Williams

Updated: Mar 23

Fox Ellis recently partnered with PWRFWD and Grant Williams in a meeting of the minds to establish a brand identity for Boston's second-year swingman.

Grant Williams, a Tennessee graduate, was selected #22nd overall by the Celtics in the 2019 NBA draft. Born in Texas and raised in North Carolina, Williams attended Tennessee, where he won SEC Player of the year in 2018 and 2019. Since entering the league, Williams has continued to develop as a professional, earning meaningful minutes in a 2020 playoff run with Boston.

Recently, Williams was surprised with the Bill Russell Mentoring Award, given to an individual seen as a societal leader.

William's impact is being seen both on and off the court.

At the end of 2020, he took his off-court endeavors a step further with personal brand development. Williams called on the two New England-based companies, Fox Ellis and PWRFWD, to help establish what would turn out to be a comprehensive, unique brand strategy, including brand design and merchandising.

The Objective

Design a logo and brand identity to display on Grant Williams merchandise.

Design Briefing

Fox Ellis Design Lead, Sean McCarthy, worked directly with Williams to bring the GW brand to life.

Working with Grant was just an overall great experience. He came to the conversation with a clear idea of what he wanted and what he didn't wish to incorporate in his design. He was very open about discussing who he is as a person, player, and even his backstory, all details that craft an authentic personal brand.

Anytime a client provides a clear direction in an initial brief and can be as personal as Grant was, it allows us to develop a laser focus on what ideas to target, helping find the kernel of a concept to work with.

In Grant's case, he told a story about how he was nicknamed "The General" as a kid. I explored that military angle in both literal and more subtle ways. As you see in the design sheets, I played with different angles to approach this idea, and he ultimately chose to go with his initials in the form of a militaristic badge/shield with four stars.

The Results

Phase One - Development

Phase Two - Expansion

Phase Three - Decision

With the development of visuals for the Grant Williams brand, it is a step in a positive direction for another professional athlete. Most branding processes begin with a design process that will help consumers recognize and identify with the brand. For Grant, this is only the beginning. In the midst of a budding NBA career, he has taken the time to ensure that his impact goes beyond the court.

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